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Of all the things that mankind has created, perhaps nothing compares to that of the cinema. With its flashing lights, big-screen glamour, glitz, fame and fortune, nothing is as universally pleasing to all as much as a good movie. No matter what your personal taste, whether it ranges from the big-budget sci-fi thriller to the small-time independent production, there is something for everyone. Every child, at one point or another, has

Guitar Hero 2 Review for Playstation 2 – FeverGaming

It’s time once again to break out the plastic ax and blast rock chords out of your television’s speakers, Guitar Hero II blazes back onto the scene bringing with it the momentum of the original title. This time out, the developers promise accelerated difficulty, cleaner hammer ons and pull offs, and the ability to rock out cooperatively with a friend, and as expected, they deliver. If you’re familiar with the first

A letter to our readers

Dear Readers,

I’ve been playing games since 1985, Which may seem kind of short to most of you, or long to a selected group of readers. In my days, I have fought against Gannon, Fought along side of Frog, and, eventually slayed Mother Brain as well as Kefka. Not to mention Bowser, Dr. Robotnik and Kuja himself. However, out of all of the horrors we have faced, my friends, the deepest horror

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Shenmue Review

You have more than likely heard of Shenmue. If not, you most likely have been in a coma for years. Shenmue is the game Sega has been making for years now. Was it worth the wait? My answer may suprise you…
Shenmue takes place in 1986 Yokosuka. A young man filled with emotions that are clearly told through his facial expressions named Ryo Hazuki, whose father was killed by a mysterious man,

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Playing video poker isn’t hard. Winning at video poker, though, is another story. If you want to master the rules and begin collecting the knowledge needed to win, you might want to try online video poker.

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Our online casino gives you a list of top online casinos reviewed and ranked here at Editors to manage our website have taken the time to review each of the casinos featured here on our website and by several different criteria to ensure they meet the highest standards. We not only a list of all the casinos here in Best Superior Casino has a strict set of rules to be

RC Revenge Pro

I must admit, when I got this, I wasn’t expecting a great game, but it actually looked really fun, you know… Lots of levels, tons of cars, track editor (so you can create your own track), and tons of other fun stuff… The bad part, you ask? There is no fun to be had, unless you’re on LSD or some other form of lethal illegal drugs.

Geez, where to begin? I guess

Barcrest Fruit Devices On The Net « Casino Observer

The UK’s most well-known and well-liked fruit machines software dealer Barcrest have as a final point launched on the web variants of the most significant name slots. You are able to now find Uk pub type favourites like Cashino, Reel King, Rainbow Riches and Cops’N’Robbers are already introduced so far this year.

Using a reputation for creating excellent slots, it is hard to think it is taken so prolonged for Barcrest to

Metroid Prime

At Spaceworld 2000, Nintendo announced a new title to the hungry crowd; Metroid Prime. The first Metroid title since Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo, which might have been the greatest game ever created, is NOT going to be a side-scroller adventure. Yes, it will be 3D, but it’s not what you expect there, either. This Metroid will be a First Person Shooter (FPS)…. I know what you are thinking; “First

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The playable Hollywood

Recently, my roommate, who is about as casual a gamer as you can get, has started playing Metal Gear Solid on my old PlayStation. Watching him play through the game got me thinking again about how great it really was. Metal Gear Solid is simply one of the grandest games ever made. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I feel MGS has a better story

NOMG Live at E3 2001

Hey, Far here with some after E3 thoughts. Greg and I got in last night and I don’t think we could have had a better time. The Electronic Entertainment Expo was amazing and big thanks goes out to Todd, Andrew and James, for getting us the hotel room, we owe it all to you guys.

Nintendo in my humble opinion stole the show. The GAMECUBE was shown in full force and did

What makes you hardcore? Part 2

What makes you hardcore? Part 2: “All your game are belong to us.”

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my mini-series of editorials on what makes one hardcore. Hope everyone liked the first one. I am planning to get an NOMG e-mail address going soon, for an up and coming edition of Hardcore, so start thinking of any stories you have about gaming you would like to share. Today, buying power, or

After several months of success in Japan, 24 March 2005 saw the North American launch of Sony’s debut in the portable sector, the PSP. Also known as the PlayStation Portable (hence PSP), this multimedia device not only plays video games, but also acts as a movie viewer, MP3 player, and much more. The price tag on this multi-purpose item is a rather steep $249.99 MSRP, and games go for $39-49 in